African Drumming – Weddings

bridal-636018_640You don't dance??

Looking for something a little different, memorable and FUN!! for your reception?

How about either:

  1. An African Drumming performance by the bridal party!
    • We provide an 8 week course that will teach the wedding party how to perform an amazing African rhythm at your reception. Grab everyone's attention at your wedding.
  2. An Interactive African Drumming experience for up to 50 people.
    • We create a fantastic environment for people to explore fun and exciting traditional African rhythms, games, and African songs.
    • We typically run the experience for 30 minutes and can cater for a maximum of 50 people. Talk to us about your requirements and we can tailor the experience to suit you.
    • If you have a larger group why not try our Interactive Performance option.

We provide good quality drums and African percussion for each person to use.

Everyone walks away with a smile.

For something to remember this event, we offer special drum keyrings or gift size drums at special prices.

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For a Fun, Inclusive experience.